About Susanna

As a child, I could never get my hands on enough books. It took me a while to discover the library where I found Donna Parker and Nancy Drew. At high school they didn’t have Nancy Drew but they did have Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange. My world changed.

I am now the author of kick butt books for young adults and rock star romances (for adults, of course). I love writing in both genres – the rock star stuff because I'm very much into my music, and YA because I can write the kick butt heroines I adore.

Years ago, a fixation with Buffy inspired me to take up kickboxing and I now have a second-degree black belt. I teach as well as train. I have a dream too – of empowering girls and guys around the globe to believe in themselves, to take care and follow their dreams.

Take a look at the video below to see me in action. Unfortunately YouTube removed the audio so you'll have to imagine Foo Fighters' White Limo playing in the background.