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Holler and Howl small.jpg

Rocking all night, rolling in money, now he’s picking up the pieces.


Nick Steel is used to getting what he wants. Fronting a huge, international rock band? No problem. Buying his favorite dive bar? Sure thing. Getting back together with his first love? Hmmm...

He broke her heart once before, and Lily Novak is not going to let Nick do it again. One thing has kept them in touch, but she won’t let him touch her heart. No way.

A story about coming back home, and realizing you can’t always get what you want.

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Down and Dirty v2.jpg

This rock 'n' roller has a dose of the blues...

Austin Murphy seems to have it all. A bass player in a huge rock band, he has more money than he knows what to do with, women chasing after him, and even has an architecture degree under his belt. But he’s coming home for a reason and soon everyone’s going to know what that is.


Tara Coleman doesn’t believe in fairytales or the Cinderella solution. She might not mind the idea of getting down and dirty with Austin but she’s not fooling herself. There’s no happy-ever-after, not for a girl like her who tends bar and lives paycheck to paycheck.

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Slash and Burn_edited.jpg

A rolling stone may gather no moss but it sure knows how to party.

Sex and drugs and rock ’n’ roll seem like a good combination to guitar player Lachie Tyler and he’s sticking to it. He was made for this life, that is, until he’s forced to face a larger threat—his feelings.

Bodyguard Jess Hermann has been looking after herself a long time and now it’s her job to protect this rock star. A stalker sending messages, getting closer, making this personal, these are things she can handle. But who will protect Lachie from himself?

He’s come home for a reason. Now all he needs is a reason to stay.

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Light & Shade small.jpg

It’s one thing to sing a love song every night. It’s another to live it.

Joel Hitchock has been waiting for this moment all his life. Nothing is going to get in his way when it comes to joining one of the country’s biggest rock bands. Then he meets the woman of his dreams. Problem is, Joel’s not sure there’s enough room in his heart for two dreams…

Scarlett Novak has been around musicians before and doesn’t want to be the supporting act. For her, it’s the main event or nothing. She won’t take second best, not from a rock star, not from anybody, not when she only has one life to live.

Sometimes love is closer to home than you think.

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Ride & Crash small.jpg

Living the rock star life, learning to love again.

Drummer Cooper McVeigh has had his share of sex and drugs and drink but now lives the life of a saint. By rock ’n’ roll standards anyway. He’s drumming to a new beat, living life his way, making the most of time with friends and family—because life is precious. No one knows that better than him.

Band photographer Ginger Lee has been hurt before and doesn’t need to get involved with someone with Cooper’s track record. She needs a guy who’ll hang around and stand by her, not a rock star and certainly not Cooper, no matter how he makes her feel.

A story about coming to terms with your past and fighting for your future.

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Ground and Pound small.jpg

Rock and roll might be simple but it sure ain’t easy.

Holly Jacobs could never have dreamed of joining a band like The Merchants of Menace ... until the dream becomes a possibility. The guys in the band like her drumming but one man stands in her way, one man who doesn’t believe in her and who can’t see what she’s got.

Record producer Morgan Masterson couldn’t be doing better. Business is good, he’s moved into a new house, and bands from across the county want to record at his studio. Then Holly moves in next door and he can’t get her out of his hair. Or his heart. And maybe he doesn’t want to.

If only it were easier to make love than war. Or records.


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