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One girl. Two lives. No way back...

Sasha Pierce is the school nerd – bullied, abused and alone. Alienation takes on a whole new dimension when a global glitch catapults her into an alternate universe. And into the body of an elite military bodyguard.

Suddenly she’s a ripped, ultra-honed, teenage fighting machine. Except that inside she is still the same Sasha, flung into a body and a world she can barely comprehend. All she wants is to go home and she is ready to risk life and limb to return. There will be no second chances. This will be the biggest fight of her life.

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2120: A world ravaged by a devastating virus. Those healthy enough to live in New Nation lead a sanitized, orderly life where everything is tightly guarded by a brutal government. Lives, thoughts, information and emotions are all strictly controlled.


Now: Seventeen-year-old elite soldier Nicola Gray is sent back in time for an important assignment. She alone will stop the virus before it takes over the world – her mission, to gather intelligence, find the cause and stop the threat, whatever it takes. She is trained to kill.


But the past is not what Nicola is expecting. Overwhelmed by an alien world, she discovers feelings she can’t handle and a world with immense personal freedom and people who care for each other. She wants to stay. She wants to live. She wants a lot of things she can't have...

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Nicola Gray is a typical, slightly awkward high school student. Or so she appears. In reality Nicola is a hyper-fit, elite soldier from the brutal New Nation of the future. Her superior officers have given soldier Gray strict orders to eliminate their greatest threat, Ben Tanner. Her boyfriend.


And New Nation will not give up.


Nicola fights as only she knows how to keep Ben and those around her safe. Pushed beyond limits, she grapples with questions of love and loyalty, right and wrong, life and death. Nicola has a line she will not cross. But that's exactly what she must do...

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School's out for Nicola Gray but just as the party is about to begin, she is hauled back to the future to brutal New Nation. Suddenly she’s hailed as a hero of the people when that’s the last thing she wants and this is the last place she wants to be. How did things go so wrong?


Nicola is desperate to get back where she belongs – with boyfriend Ben, in the past. But that isn't going to happen, not when millions will die in a world decimated by a deadly virus, her country ruled by a despotic regime. Unless she can stop it.


It’s Nicola versus New Nation. She has to change the future and save the world.

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